Saturday, May 07, 2005

SAP versus Oracle Blogs

In this post Richard Byrom compared the blogging activity in SAP and Oracle.

A Google search for "SAP Blog" returned 319 results whilst a search for "oracle blog" returned 1,790 results.

I happen to have to work with the Oracle Databases and as a result I have a strong opinion(TM) on this technology. But I'm going to keep it to myself as Richard's post was an example of fairplay (BTW, do not expect unbiased opinions on my blog! never!)

But returning to his conclusion:

SAP has strong blogging strategy within their own organisation and would appear to be taking a more strategic approach, however, the blog offerings outside of their organisation are some what non existent.

I have to agree. There are few community websites related to SAP technologies, and for sure there are many thousands consultants working with these tools. I suppose that one reason is that people don't love SAP technology. ABAP works, but is ugly. The integrated debugger is great, but debugging the applications is often a nightmare of spaghetti code. The client GUI works well, but it's also unapealing.

I like the concept of APO (the object memory database together with those great optimizers from ILOG). I suppose that's why I write this blog. But there is a lot of stuff that I don't like in APO, starting with the way livecache is implemented as SAPDB dlls, and the the fact that optimizer calls are not explict, and, and, and.

But the nicest of his post was a list of SAP related blogs (and apolemia was in the list, yehhh!). It's time to add a new column to this blog with links to those brave SAP bloggers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does your blog support trackbacks? If so why not do a trackback to my post on this so that people can read your comments.


Richard Byrom

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