Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Being gamified by "Gamification At Work"

I have received a pre-release copy of "Gamification At Work". It is not the first time I am contacted to make a blog post about some new book. And so far this was the first time I actually bothered to do something. The marketing was well done, and I actually liked the trick of receiving the mail twice, the first time with some formatting problems and the second time with an apology and without formatting problems. True, it was very likely that I would delete the first email without reading (actually it was not the case). And receiving a link to the online book with apolemia in the background was also a good trick.

So I was gamified, but that is good. I like to be gamified and somehow I do it to myself every day (task lists with colors, targets in the number of commits, etc). If some number or visual thing helps me do more, then it is good.

Anyhow that is was not main the reason I started reading the book and wrote this blog post. The reason was that one of the authors is Mario Herger and I remember some of his work on the SAP community. For example this video (below) or this.

OK those videos are nothing special in the context of the typical startup, but the SAP world 10 years ago was not like that. The SAP world was boring. It was efficient, it was rewarding, it was full of vapourware and it was completely boring. Nowadays it is still rewarding, efficient and full of vapourware but not so boring anymore. And some nonsense like those videos was quite important for that change.

So my expectations of the book are quite high. And I hope there will be a movie release ;-)

PS. No need search the torrents, the book is freely available here.


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