Thursday, February 02, 2012

SAP development with jQuery Mobile

One of the hot topics for me last year was doing SAP development for mobile platforms. There is a huge quantity and quality of enterprise information inside SAP servers and the new wave of mobile devices opens so many new ways of interacting with that data and business processes. I did not write much on that topic in the blog but on onsap you can find many questions and answers related to the technologies I was using.

There are many platforms and toolkits for mobile development (and that is a good topic for another blog post that I hope to write one day). My choice of platform is jQuery Mobile for the frontend development and business server pages (BSP) for the backend development. With this stack it is possible to develop solutions using the platforms companies already have (ECC and other solutions based on Netweaver) and using an open toolkit that is evolving quickly and at the same time is stable and tested in a large number of devices.

As a result of some of that work we, at Cognitiva, are releasing an open-source package with some utilities to help development of jQuery Mobile on SAP. It includes sample applications like the one show in action in the video below, and it also includes a search help widget that is described in detail in this SDN blog post.

If you have interest in mobile apps give this technology a try. The source code is available in this repository and it is possible to run a demo application with the free Netweaver developer edition.

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