Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Issue with scheduling in delivered sales items

Just a note to myself as I know I will have to answer this again. After the sales order item is delivered (even partially) the item is no longer scheduled. So what happens: the material availability date is calculated and all other dates are set equal to the delivery date (see FAQ OSS note 547508 item 2).

For example this was the item with correct schedules (the item was partially delivered):

And after a change in the item the scheduling becomes:

So the goods issue date is not the most reliable date, better use the delivery date or material availability date. The code responsible for this behavior is in FV45VFMV_MVERF_AUFBAUEN_WMENG line 763.


There is a possible fix by applying OSS note 833272, but this note (at least currently) is a special development not something going into support packages.



Blogger Loknath said...

Hi Pedro,

This is a good observation. I noted this last week while testing. The problem lies in interpretation. The delivered quantity can be different to confirmed quantity for reasons of delivery tolerance or picking less. Even if complete delivery was set at header. Ideally the sales order open quantity should not be relevant for futher delivery and should be set to complete. Since the requirement transfer was done for intial requested or confirmed quantity, the quantity continues to be planned and hence its probably a design matter of SAP that it is allowing you to deliver even if settings for part deliveries does not allow the user to deliver once more, the ATP delivery proposal would let us create a anothe schedule line, if supporting settings exist.

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