Sunday, July 16, 2006

Announcement (although a timid one)

I have been working on making a web service for saving and organizing links to OSS notes.

Why such a service? I don't know if it is just me, but I always find the need to have fast access to some important OSS notes. Mostly those FAQ or consulting OSS notes that explain those difficult aspects of the system.

I know that I can save bookmarks in the OSS service. But I use OSS accounts related to the projects, and those change, so it is not that useful. I need something more personal.

I already tried saving the notes as text in my computer disk. This works, but it needs some effort in order to maintain things organized. Also, in order to have an overview of the information I had to write some index files. And I sometimes need to access the information from different computers (I could have a CD with the data, but then I would have to be a lot more organized than I am).

I also tried saving the note numbers in a private web page with some comments. It also works, but it needs some effort to maintain organization.

So that is why I started this HotOSS webservice. It's a lot like the social bookmarking concept of Being in a OSS note page I can save OSS bookmarks with just a button click. And I can keep the bookmark with some tags and comments for later search.

And also related to social bookmarking, this service could have some community benefits. One could find interesting notes by looking at other person list of bookmarks.

Well, that's the announcement. I don't want to shout it to the world because I'm still testing and doing quality checks on the code (also open-source). But for you three readers of this blog ;-), I would really like if you could give a try to the service.

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