Sunday, February 22, 2004

Easter Eggs

It's always fun to find out those hidden codes to jump to the next level in the game. Well, in in this case there is no level and no game, just a hidden debug code from a post by anatogi.

You can debug batch jobs by going to SM37, type in JDBG in the command line ( no '/' ), put the cursor on the job and press enter - will take you to the job in debug mode.

You can do this only after the job has finished execution. This will simulate the exact background scenario with the same selection screen values as used in the job also sy-batch will set to 'X'.

So type in the transaction code JDBG and place your cursor on the job after It has finished. It will take you to a SAP program in debug mode. Step through this program which is about 10 lines, after this your program will be executed in the debug mode.



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