Tuesday, January 13, 2004

SAP Help Documents in Word

Ever felt that you would like to have the SAP help documents in word document format? I find it more comfortable to read documentation on paper. On the other hand, the formatting of SAP PDF makes documents with an enormous number of pages. I wrote a script to do just that, convert SAP help files to word documents. Then I remove parts I don’t want to print and setup small margins to save some trees. There must be better ways, but this one works and it might be useful for others.

Here is how to do it. First you need to decompile the html help file. For this task I use the free program keytools that can be downloaded here. Then, with the script (that can be downloaded here), choose the directory with the html files and the destination for the word document (in the GUI). Each html file will be inserted in a new word document. You need to have python, wxpython and windows extensions installed in order to run the script).



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