Friday, January 05, 2007

Microsoft SCM

SAP, I2, Oracle and others fight hard to be the second most important tool in the supply chain management business. Yes, the second, because we all know that Excel is the software that runs most supply chains (sometimes alone, sometimes together with an ERP/APS).

So it was with interest that I checked this Microsoft initiative to build SCM toolsets based on Office software.

After reading the story I got two feelings. First, they are right. Second, it seems something from the past. If it was done 10 years ago it could make a difference, but now it seems to lack the magic ingredient of internet collaboration (the social buzz).

But again, it's interesting and I will try the toolkit one of these days. I can easily imagine the best of supply chain planning being done on an improved Excel based framework.

I cannot resist making a quote from the document:

"That said, an OBA is a great way to surface information out of a SOA, and having LOB applications exposed as services makes it easier to build support for cross-functional processes into an OBA."

When I read this stuff, I can't take my mind from this cartoon. Damm, bad cartoon, go away please. Let me be a grown-up.

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