Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Infoworld Report on ERP

From a Inforworld report some cool quotes ... I mean ... some terrible lies ;-) .

That may explain why, when asked when they completed their ERP implementation, most respondents answered either "1999 or before" or "not yet completed." You may have an ERP system in place, but you're never done implementing.

Did you also thought you were a special case?

Adams observes that, today, there's everything but the kitchen sink in the ABAP language. "So in that respect, it's a fairly ugly language," he says. "I think anybody who has grown up with Java or with Perl or C++ and saw ABAP for the first time would throw their hands up in horror and say, "What sort of language is this? This is a … Frankenstein of a language!"

And both Perl and C++ are not actually known for the beauty :o) .

But staying abreast of new SAP features and technologies is a full-time job. "What SAP does, in my opinion, is they have this machine gun, and they load it up with developers and fire that machine gun willy-nilly in a 180-degree arc, and whichever developers stick, they go in that direction," he proffers. "They have so many technologies and initiatives and directions that go in opposite directions and all of a sudden converge."

Yeah, the machine gun is a very important tool. One other strategy is to shoot a lot of half cooked code to the users. Then, based on the number of complains, decide what must be finished first. Of course, I'm not saying that SAP does that ;-) .